Jinggoy’s son on ABS-CBN: ‘This network reports so much sh*t about our family’

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Netizens have been almost crucifying Jolo Ejercito, son of ex-senator Jinggoy Estrada, over a leaked Instagram story baring his thoughts about ABS-CBN’s shutdown.

The teen son, who earlier exposed the luxurious life he’s been living – hotel suites, Louis Vuitton loafers, flying coach – again made waves on social media as he reacted on the network’s closure. While he stopped short of saying that ABS-CBN deserved it, the young Estrada scion said the network had been so guilty of painting their family in such bad light.

“I mean, I feel for all the 11,000 who lost their jobs. But this network reports so much sh*t about out family which aren’t even true. So this,” read the leaked Instagram story, which was supposed to for “close friends” only but made it to public Twitter anyone.

Someone from his close circles might have been pissed with his remarks to leak it. Netizens said this only proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Others think he’s just been spared from the real story of their family and their wealth.

What a mess!