May warning lang! Jinggoy Estrada leaves police precinct after arrest

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Former senator Jinggoy Estrada didn’t spend the night in jail despite being arrested by policemen on Sunday, May 3, for allegedly violating enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) rules.

Estrada said he was allowed by policemen to leave the police station past 8 p.m. Sunday after being given a warning.

His camp said he was “invited” by cops to the police station to explain why he was out of his home to conduct relief efforts. He was called out for supposedly “mishandling” food and failing to observe physical distancing at his activity.

San Juan City Mayor Zamora said Estrada should’ve coordinated his relief efforts with the local government first, in accordance with the guidelines from the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Estrada, however, accused Zamora of engaging in politics by apprehending him.

“At any rate, unfortunately, this is all about politics,” he said.

Zamora beat Estrada’s daughter, Janella, in the 2019 mayoralty race.