Vico Sotto can’t get over his ‘Zoombomb’ incident

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Vico Sotto has been haunted by the shocking surprise in a video conferencing app a day later.

The Pasig mayor initially stayed mum when a video clip of him getting caught off guard in an ongoing interview via a Zoom conference went viral. The offending video saw Sotto pausing mid-sentence as he got shocked by the view of a user who used a half-naked man as background image.

The politiko finally acknowledged the issue a day later after endless badgering among netizens, saying he’s happy that the next Zoom meeting he attended was clean and safe for work.

“Zoom Conference with Sen. Win, mayors, and policy experts. Discussion centered on ECQ exit strategy. Kailangan maayos ang plano- mula transportasyon hanggang testing. P.s. Thankfully, this Zoom Conference, walang participant na nag-background ng naka-BOLD,” Sotto said.