Ruffy Biazon points out a law which Duque may have violated during COVID-19 response


Ruffy Biazon has a receipt of what looks like the Department of Health’s major failure of stopping the COVID-19 outbreak from entering the Philippines.

The Muntinlupa congressman believes that Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has had several missteps in handling the health crisis, with a violation starting as early as January.

He shared an old letter of his earlier request to the DOH to shut off flights from Wuhan City, the source of the disease, which was initially turned down citing the possible diplomatic and tourism backlash.

“The government allowed direct flights from Wuhan into the Philippines inspite of international frenzy about the impending pandemic. I would say DOH belatedly reacted and failed to uphold the spirit of RA 11332,” Biazon said, referring to an existing law that outlines what government officials should do to battle diseases and outbreaks.