Salamat Vico! Rex Gatchalian rolls out Pasig-inspired market on wheels


Inspired by Pasig City’s mobile market, Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian has rolled out “Market on Wheels” to bring goods closer to residents.

In a tweet posted Saturday, March 28, Gatchalian shared photos of the e-trikes where products will be sold. They will be going around select areas in Valenzuela at scheduled dates so residents can shop.

Gatchalian thanked Sotto for inspiring him to come up with the idea, which was based on the mobile market that was launched in Pasig this week.

“@VicoSotto we’re rolling it out na. Thanks for your idea!!! We tweaked it a little lang just to adjust to our terrain na small roads…but the over all concept is the same…thanks for your concept!!!” he tweeted.

Sotto was elated that Gatchalian copied his idea, and said Valenzuela’s concept will inspire his team.

“Solid ‘to! I will show the team who designed ours.. it will be a big morale booster for them!! We continue to copy a number of your best practices as well. Pati yung sa distribusyon ng goods, natututo kami sa inyo. #KopyahanNaTo!” he replied.