Kopyahan na ‘to! Netizens praise mayors Gatchalian, Sotto for sharing ideas amid lockdown


Their brotherhood as politikos is admirable.

Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian proudly shared on Twitter how his city copied the style of Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto of rolling out mobile palengke units in an attempt to limit crowds and contact among shoppers.

Sotto was more than happy to see their idea being useful somewhere else, even telling Gatchalian that it was a huge morale booster for the team who came up with the idea.”We continue to copy a number of your best practices as well. Pati yung sa distribusyon ng goods, natututo kami sa inyo. #KopyahanNaTo!,” he added.

Netizens loved the collaboration, saying these were signs of a good leader.

Even ex-mayor now Senator Win Gatchalian said he also copied some moves from former Marikina Mayor Bayani Fernando. “I virtually copied everything I saw in Marikina. Pati office design nila, kinopya ko,” he shamelessly added.