Princess Abante says a mean basher wished for her to get coronavirus


Some netizens are just out of line.

Manila Councilor Princess Abante was so pained when she read hateful comments thrown at her on Instagram. She did not know the person nor find out why the user had such vitriol towards her, but it was so extreme that the basher actually said that he (or she) prayed for the politiko to get infected by the novel coronavirus. “Too much epal, nakakasuka kayo!,” read her message.

“Just got home from a marathon special session and I got this from a random person – don’t know this person and I assume this person doesn’t know me as well,” Abante said.

“As we start the community quarantine, I leave this here. Sometime the ‘virus’ that we kill is the ‘virus’ that we are. I pray that these measures that we will implement help to heal all of us – physically, spiritually, emotionally,” she added.