Francis Zamora missed his time to shine during Greenhills hostage-taking, netizens say

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Mayor Francis Zamora put himself on the frontline as policemen negotiated the released of 60-70 hostages at a mall in Greenhills in San Juan.

The entire drama lasted for 10 hours, with the politiko seen entering the building several times as authorities navigated their bargain with the hostage taker, a former security guard, through the night.

“Nothing can ever prepare you for something like this. God is good!,” Zamora said after the whole ordeal.

But many were not pleased. Among them was political analyst Malou Tiquia, who said that the scenario showed how unprepared the city was.

“Every LGU should have a crisis manual. They are at the frontline. Look what happened to San Juan today. Drill, drill and drill,” she said in a tweet.

“Apparently Mayor Zamora told a reporter he was tackled because he still had a gun on him. But why would they allow him to speak in a presscon while he was still armed? That is not logical,” another added.

Others blamed him for the crowd that gathered at the crime scene.

Others were kind and acknowledged the politiko’s efforts.

“Sa mga tumutuligsa sa ginawa ni Mayor Zamora, mas mabuti na yun kaysa may namatay sa hostage taking gaya nung 2010. Ang hirap niyo i-please. I salute @franciszamora30 for a job well done in ending this without any casualty,” one said.