Kate Coseteng is Candy Medina’s proxy for councilors’ meet

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Candy Medina unfortunately had to miss her first act as an officer of the National Movement of Young Legislators. Thankfully, her dear friend got her covered.

The Quezon City councilor was just about to take her oath of office as the group’s Vice President for NCR during the national meeting in Cebu. Something urgent came up so she had to head home ASAP, so her dear friend and fellow politiko Kate Coseteng came to the rescue.

“Yesterday I took an oath not for myself but to represent my dear friend @candy_medina who had to fly back to manila due to some unfortunate events. She campaigned hard and won as the new National Movement of Young Legislators VP for NCR, a well deserved position for a hard working public servant. Congratulations mare!!!,” Coseteng said.