Isko Moreno’s Manila Pride draws flak from LGBT on Twitter

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Are you ready for some tea?

Mayor Isko Moreno thought he was doing members of the LGBT community a favor when he announced that the city’s Tourism office will host a Manila Summer Pride event on April 19. But to his shock, many learned members of the sector were offended by how the Pride event was being handled.

“It is organized by the city tourism office. It diminishes the nature of Pride as a protest by turning it into a mere celebration,” wrote Jeff Crisostomo. ”Instead of having the tourism office spearhead it, they could tap their Gender and Development Office in order to support the LGBTQ+ organizations. Pride, historically, has never been a government project. It will always belong to the people—LGBTQ+ and allies.”

Another said that Moreno was not qualified to celebrate gender equality given his “transphobic” statements from awhile back.

Others said they could always “hijack the parade” and make it their own, even if the event is controlled by the city.

For them, a much better way to support the LGBTs is to pass an Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in the city.