This bride got more excited about meeting Vico Sotto than getting married to her beau

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This Pasig bride almost forgot who she got married to with Mayor Vico Sotto in their midst.

The millennial mayor hosted a kasalang bayan on Valentine’s Day, and one of the couples made sure to have a photo with him. The funny part was that the bride held on to him like he was the groom, much to the delight of netizens and Sotto’s fans.

Here’s a backstory: the giggly bride is actually the helper of actress Bettina Carlos, who had been living together with her long-time boyfriend before getting married this February.

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PRAISE THE LORD!!!! PRAISE REPORT #1: Kasal na ang head kusinera ko!!!!!!❤❤❤ My head cook Annalie has shared a roof with Jordan and their 2 kids for the last 3-4years. Last year she shared with me na rocky ang pagsasama nila. So we prayed and counseled using God’s Word until there was an opportunity to send them to my church’s retreat for couples. That’s when I found out they were not married yet. But CCF did not discriminate. They took them in and counseled them because the heart is to fix the relationship and make it honoring to God by making it right in His eyes. After the weekend retreat ayos na ayos na silang dalawa. Parang walang nangyari! Kilig! Praise God! Right after that I was pushing them to get married na. They became part of a Dgrp and would regularly attend CCF services too. There were attempts to sign up for the CCF mass wedding but hindi natutuloy. So the nuptial I was hoping for them to have did not happen in the months after. And God’s timing came when the first mass wedding in Pasig happened last year. Having heard of this they signed up and worked on the requirements to make it to the second mass wedding-which took place last Friday! On Valentines Day! Sobrang perfect naman ng timing mo God!!!❤Sobrang special lalo. I was meaning to go to witness but many things had to be attended to that morning. I praise God because I was a witness to their journey and how God alone is the restorer and reviver of relationships, as well as how in His appointed time He makes everything beautiful and right.❤ Thank you Lord!!!!! Thank you Mayor @vicosotto!!! ?? Live-in couples who may delay or no longer consider a wedding because of financial constraints are given such opportunity. And they can finally live freely and shamelessly as ONE.❤ Bottom left: February 11, 2019 at the couples retreat. Top and bottom right: February 14, 2020 (a year later!!!) Civil wedding rights. Congratulations Jordan and Annalie! I rejoice with you!!!! MABUHAY ANG BAGONG KASAL!!!?❤

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How adorable!