Isko Moreno in tears after netizen points out he shouldn’t be accepting endorsements

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Netizens are divided with Isko Moreno’s case after a lawyer pointed out he’s been taking endorsements when he shouldn’t have.

The issue all started when Fudge Tajar said Moreno shouldn’t have been making money from anything else but being Manila mayor, calling his sprawling billboards along EDSA an illegal “eyesore.”

“Violation of Section 90 of the Local Government Code. Lakas maka-invoke na sumunod sa batas ah. #EyeSore si #yorme,” she tweeted.

Moreno fought back with a classy serving of tears, but netizens weren’t buying it.

“ay waw ayaw matawag na maepal pero nagpa-presscon at umiyak pa?? bulok ng style mo kakasuka,” one netizen said.

Others gave the benefit of the doubt.

Moreno’s justification was that he always donated whatever he made out of endorsements to charity. But Tajar had a resounding clapback of the politiko’s classic style.

“Awww, enough with the for “a good cause”, “ido-donate naman n’ya” arguments. It won’t justify violating the law. Si nanay nga, nagtitinda para sa gamot at pagkain n’ya for a good cause pero dapat sumunod sa batas di ba?
Sa mahihirap lang po ba applicable ang batas,” she said.