Drink up! Abby Binay gives reusable tumblers to city hall employees

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Employees of the Makati City Hall may be encouraged to drink more water and other fluids, thanks to the reusable tumbler from Mayor Abby Binay.

In a Facebook post, Binay shared photos of the stainless steel tumbler she distributed to the employees. One variant was colored blue while another had a wooden finish. Both styles could be personalized with the employee’s name.

Binay said she was encouraged to give out tumblers to the city hall employees because she was inspired by a Facebook post she saw about the World Economic Forum last year.

“New Year’s Resolution for 2020 is to drink more water. I hope these will help. #notosingleuseplastic #eightglassesaday,” she said.

Teachers of Makati City’s various public schools received their own tumblers from Binay ahead of the city hall employees.