Unfair sa pulis! Isko Moreno disputes Robredo’s claim of failed drug war

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Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has cried foul over Vice President Leni Robredo’s allegation that the Duterte administration’s drug war is a failure.

In an interview over ANC’s “Headstart” Tuesday, Moreno said it was “unfair” for Robredo to criticize the drug war considering law enforcers risk their lives going after drug suspects.

“Unfair naman ‘yun sa enforcement unit who are putting their lives on the line confronting this ready-to-kill individual,” he said.

“Nilalagay nila sarili nila sa alanganin then you’ll hear these type of statements. Alanganin lang, hindi lang ako kumportable,” Moreno added.

Robredo had branded the administration’s drug war as a failure Monday, citing government data which showed that authorities only seized one percent of the illegal drugs which entered the country over the last three years.

Moreno said President Rodrigo Duterte was the only Chief Executive who launched an intensive crackdown on drug syndicates.

“We have to give an ‘A’ for the effort kasi hindi ‘yan biro. Ang lalim ng droga, noong panahon pa ng dekada ’80 lumala ‘yan,” he said.