Tulfo wife urges peers in Congress to pass media welfare bill


ACT-CIS party-list Rep. Jocelyn Tulfo, wife of broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, on Sunday pushed for the passage of a bill advancing the security and protecting the welfare of journalists.

“The Maguindanao Massacre and the trial brought to the forefront of national consciousness the high-risk lives of journalists, especially those entrenched in conflict areas like Maguindanao, where mostly political warlords hold sway over the lives of residents,” she said.

She said her party-list group filed House Bill 2476 to apply a “systemic set of solutions” to the plight of journalists.

The bill establishes minimum wage levels based on years of experience as well as a Commission on Press Freedom and Media Security.

Tulfo co-authored the bill with fellow ACT-CIS lawmakers Rowena Niña Taduran and Eric Go Yap.

HB 2476 is pending with the House committee on labor and employment.

Tulfo pointed out that HB 2476 also provides for death, disability, and SSS/GSI benefits, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses up to P100,000.

“For media firms that hire and comply, HB 2476 has an allowable deduction provision equivalent to 25 percent of the benefits paid to their media workers,” the congresswoman said.

She also said HB 2476 mandates the CPFMS to promulgate a Code of Ethics for working journalists and for teaching to journalism students.

“I hope the Committee on Labor & Employment will put HB 2476 on the fast track to approval in the House in this first regular session of the 18th Congress,” Tulfo said.