Rude college students need GMRC lessons too — SJDM solon


San Jose del Monte City Rep. Florida Robes wants to revive the teaching of Good Manners and Right Conduct or GMRC not only among elementary and high school students, but also college students who lack “decorum.”

In a statement, the lawmaker said she is supportive of efforts to make values education or GMRC a stand-alone subject not just in elementary and high school but also in college to “address the youth’s seeming lack of decorum and the worsening mental health crisis in the country.”

“I particularly will push that we restore by legislation the study of values education as a stand-alone subject in basic and higher educational curricula,” Robes said.

“There is too much indifference and hate among our youth especially in social media. We should again inculcate in them values such as respect for oneself and for others especially our parents and elders, patience, perseverance, courage, industry, honesty, kindness and compassion,” she said.

She also called on the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education to formulate a general curriculum based on ethics and morals and should be focused on building the child’s character to enable them to cope with the growing and changing demands of the times.

“The DepEd and CHED should lead in the formulation and implementation of an ethical orientation program anchored on the process of moral choice with emphasis on the teaching of moral and philosophical values and not just social and cultural values that are necessary for human survival,” she said.

“What we must aim to build a child’s character to help him cope with life’s difficulties and challenges,” Robes said.

She said GMRC subjects and a values-based curriculum would help student by imparting values and emotional resiliency to help them cope with life.