Handa na pang- noche buena! 230K Christmas goodie bags up for grabs in Makati


Residents of Makati need not worry about what to prepare for Noche Buena since the city government has got it covered.

Since December 2, the city government has been distributing “Pamasko” bags to residents.

Each gift bag contains a Makatizen shirt, three cans each of plain canned tuna, flavored canned tuna and corned beef, oe can of luncheon meay, two cans of sausage, a pack of spaghetti sauce, one pack of pasta, one can of fruit cocktail, one can of condensed milk, a pack of cheese and heavy cream.

A total of 230,000 bags will be given away to residents this holiday season.

Residents can pick up the gift bags at the Paskuhan Kubol located at the city hall until January 31, 2020.