Sa bahay na lang bumuga! Toby Tiangco reminds Navotas residents: Ban vs. vaping in public in effect

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Navotas Mayor Toby Tiangco has reminded residents of Navotas that vaping in public has been banned in Navotas since 2018.

He issued the reminder after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a ban on vaping.

Citing City Ordinance No. 2018-15 or the Navotas Comprehensive Anti-smoking Ordinance, Tiangco said both smoking and vaping in public are punishable.

The ordinance states that except in designated smoking areas, smoking or vaping in enclosed or partially enclosed public places, workplaces, and public conveyances is prohibited.

Among the places with absolute smoking ban are government facilities and premises, schools, parks, centers of youth activity, hospitals and other health facilities, food preparation areas, and others.

“Just like smoking, vaping in public is also considered unlawful. Violation of this could get you fined, or worse, imprisoned,” Tiangco said.