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Feat after feat! PDEA declares 2 more Navotas barangays drug-cleared

The city government of Navotas continues to make headway in its fight against illegal drugs with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) declaration of two more barangays as drug-cleared.

Mayor Toby Tiangco, together with members of the city council, handed the PDEA certificates to Barangay Chairperson Ronaldo Reyes of Bangkulasi and Barangay Chairperson Dorwin Villanueva of Sipac Almacen.

“Navotas has come a long way in terms of its anti-drug campaign and efforts to boost peace and order. With the support of our constituents, we will stay determined in our fight against illegal drugs and for the welfare of every Navoteño,” Tiangco said.

Eleven out of Navotas’ 18 barangays are now drug-cleared.

For a barangay to be declared drug-cleared by PDEA, drug personalities under its unified watchlist should have been given appropriate intervention, it has a drug-free workplace, barangay officials are actively advocating for anti-drug campaign, among others.

Tiangco appealed to Navoteños to continue reporting suspicious individuals or activities.

“Our continued vigilance is crucial for us to win this fight. Report to Text JohnRey oR Toby any instances of drug abuse or trade. Rest assured we will treat the information you give us with utmost confidentiality,” he said.