Techie na si daddy! Abby Binay: Ex-VP Jejomar only learned how to take selfie recently


Will the public see former Vice President Jejomar Binay on Instagram soon?

The possibility of Jejomar being on social media doesn’t seem too far off considering that he has already learned how to take a selfie.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay told ANC’s Cathy Yang that her father only learned how to take his own photo using a cellphone “recently.”

Abby has been a proponent of using technology to improve governance. Under her term, residents of Makati are called “Makatizens.”

In her first three years at the city hall, Abby spearheaded the creation of the “Makatizen” app that residents can use to access information about basic government services and other relevant information. She is now pushing for a city-wide WiFi access.