Ruffy Biazon tells local Dreamworks distributor not to screen ‘Abominable’ anymore


He’s appealing to love of country over money.

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon has renewed his call to censor the problem parts of “Abominable,” a seemingly harmless animated film co-produced by an American and a Chinese film house that alters the Philippine map and shows Beijing’s nine-dash line instead.

The politiko had another idea: if the movie regulator would not act, he wants the local distributor of the film to step up.

“People have been calling on MTRCB to ban or censor the movie Abominable (myself included), some say boycott the film. Well, if there’s some sense of patriotism in the Philippine distributor of the film, they can simply not book the film for distribution in the country,” Biazon said.

Will they take it well?