Gary Alejano admits: He went through hazing too


This retired military man has been through hazing and has passed it on, like many others among their ranks.

Former Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano weighed in as a deadly hazing scandal rocked the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). The politiko took a look back on his journey and realized he’s been through the same.

“Relying solely on the letter of the anti-hazing law where physical, emotional and psychological discomfort are defined as hazing, certainly I had been hazed and had committed one,” Alejano said. “I guess we need to review the law or else the country ends up w/ crying babies as officers of AFP.”

But he stopped there, vowing he’d never go down the same path as Senator Bato Dela Rosa who legitimized hazing as normal and character-building training.

“The education and training in PMA made me who I am today. Not hazing,” Alejano added.