Sana all! Rex Gatchalian tracks down diligent jeepney driver


He’s an example for others to follow.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian had just grappled with a handful of stubborn jeepney drivers in Valenzuela who refused to comply with new traffic rules in the city, even staging a strike that left passengers stranded.

It was a breath of fresh air when he learned about this jeepney driver who did everything he can to comply with Valenzuela’s traffic rules, even posting a signage inside his ride that he will only stop at loading and unloading areas.

After an appeal on Twitter, the driver named Bert reported to city hall.

“Found him!!! Mang Bert is the driver of this jeep that proactively placed the sign warning passengers not to disembark when they’re not yet in designated loading and unloading areas. Thanked him personally and handed him a small token of gratitude,” Gatchalian said.