Rex Gatchalian reports jeep strike leaders to LTFRB


This politiko made a bold pushback against leaders of a tigil-pasada in Valenzuela.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian recently rolled out the no-contact apprehension along city roads as he wanted to reduce traffic caused by the flagging down of cars that do not follow the rules.

To his surprise, a number of local jeepney drivers opposed the move and even called for a strike this week, which left several commuters stranded. The city hall came to the rescue with free shuttle rides.

After that’s over, Gatchalian went to strike against these problem drivers. He wrote a letter to Chairman Martin Delgra of the Land Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board, asking to “verify the franchises” of a certain Raynaldo Villanueva, Romano “Ranie” Reyes, and Perfecto Josue, Jr.

The three are supposedly drivers plying the Monumento-Malanday route who led the calls for a jeepney strike.

“One doesn’t inconvenience the passengers of the city without the city taking counter measures… Let’s see,” the mayor said.

What a clapback!