Familiar feels: Find out which city Joy Belmonte calls her 2nd home


Quezon City Joy Belmonte may be a proud Filipina, but she considers London her second home.

Belmonte had the chance to reminisce about her time in the United Kingdom’s capital when she flew there recently to attend a conference for mayors all over the world.

The trip was also a chance for the mayor to reconnect with her nephew, Santi Belmonte, who is studying game design at a London school.

In a Facebook post, Belmonte shared a photo of her with Santi at a restaurant.

“It has been years since I studied in London, but this city will always be my second home,” she said.

Belmonte has two master’s degrees, which she both earned in the UK: One in Museum Studies, which she obtained from the University of Leicester, and in Archaeology from the University College London.