Abby Binay visits DZMM studio for interview


Makati mayor Abby Binay got the chance to see four of DZMM’s most famous anchors when she visited their studio for an interview Monday.

Binay was interviewed by Danny Buenafe and Pat P. Daza on the show, Pasada 360.

However, she was also able to meet Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja since their show followed that of Buenafe and Daza.

Binay jokingly called Taberna and Baja her “phone pal” in a Facebook post.

“ATM. Thank you Pat P and Danny Buenafe for having me in Pasada 630. Buti na lang naabutan ko yung dalawang phone pal ko sa Dos por Dos,” she said.

Binay looked every inch of a woman in charge in her short bob and black top for the guest appearance on DZMM.