Exercise anytime! Isko Moreno to put mini gym inside office

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Manila mayor Isko Moreno will put a mini gym inside his office at the city hall so he can exercise anytime he wants.

Moreno’s public relations consultant, Armand Dean Nocum, said in a Facebook post that the mayor will put a treadmill and some weights in the anteroom.

Nocum quoted Moreno as saying that he needs to “step up the fitness game” since he’s already in his 40s.

“We have to be fit to serve the people of Manila 24/7,” Moreno said.

The mayor said he has been losing weight on purpose. He shared that he has dropped from from 193 pounds to betwen 155-165 pounds, in part due to “slow juicing.”

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Posted by Armand Dean Nocum I on Wednesday, September 4, 2019