Wow mali! Netizens slam release of thousands of frogs in QC barangay to combat dengue

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It doesn’t take a scientist to know that this was a bad idea, according to netizens who reacted vehemently to the “short-sighted” solution.

Barangay Old Balara in Quezon City wanted a quick fix to their growing dengue problem, so their solution was to release over a thousand frogs to the area to feast on the mosquitoes plaguing the area.

It did not sit well with netizens, saying it was disruptive of nature’s food chain.

“Those frogs are invasive, and we can’t be sure if they’re effective. Wtf!!!,’ said @MangingisdaSays.

Another pointed out that the best way was to clean the area and not bring new species to the ecosystem.

One even warned that the specific breed of toads released were poisonous.

What’s your take on this?