Para busog lusog! Marcy Teodoro revives ‘Nutribun’ program for students

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No student in Marikina City will have to study on an empty stomach soon.

Mayor Marcy Teodoro recently announced the revival of “Nutribun,” a fortified bread that will be given to the estimated 21,000 students in the city.

Teodoro said students from Kinder to Grade 1 will be given Nutribun in schools.

“By next year, we are targeting zero malnutrition. We believe that the Nutribun program is the key to attaining that goal,” he said.

The mayor disclosed that it has come to his attention that there are students who go to school hungry because they don’t have money to buy food.

“We want all children in the city to be healthy and happy by providing them proper nutrition. That’s why I came up with reviving the Nutribun program,” Teodoro said.

Marikina’s Nutribun will be baked using malunggay, pumpkin, eggs and flour.

Students who eat Nutribun will be weighed after 120 days to find out if their health has improved.