Tom Villarin exposes bratty Ronald Cardema


He’s suddenly invoking Malacañang’s help when the Commission on Elections would not budge.

Former Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin took the side of Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon in exposing the bratty attitude of Ronald Cardema, who was disqualified from his quest to score a congressman’s seat for the Duterte Youth Party-list.

Cardema came crying on Saturday asking for the Palace and the Supreme Court to come to his rescue, even alleging that Guanzon was extorting from the party just to approve his case.

“Entitlements brings with it an uncompromising attitude. Cardema’s seeking help from PDuts over his indefensible Comelec case is invoking his lord & master. If his wish is granted, woe to all mortals who dare defy them,” Villarin said.

He even had a call to action: “It’s democrazy not democracy at work. Time to rise up!”