Ruffy Biazon asks: Do ladies disapprove of sharing toilets with trans women?


Muntinlupa Congressman Ruffy Biazon wants to understand a recent incident that had a trans woman handcuffed and temporarily held.

The politiko, like many others, were shocked to hear that trans woman Gretchen Diez was heckled and dragged out by a janitress when she went to use the ladies’ room inside Farmers Plaza in Cubao.

Biazon turned to Twitter for an explanation, as he wanted answers straight from the horse’s mouth: “Are there any females out there who are uncomfortable with sharing a public restroom with transgender women?

“I’ve experienced being in a public restroom with a trans-woman and I was fine with it. I haven’t come across a trans-man in the men’s room yet. But I’m fine with it too,” Biazon said.

His tweet was flooded with replies, some saying that it’s not okay for them.

“I am uncomfortable. Their rights should be respected but should not cross ours too. Compromise is making another toilet that is gender neutral. Change and acceptance is a slow process like the stages of grief,” one netizen said.

Another had a bad premise to present: “What if a woman intentionally goes to a women’s CR waiting until only one person person (her prey) is inside and takes advantage of the lady? I believe noone should be able to use public CRs ever. Maraming loko sa Pinas.”

Some said it’s not a problem.

“I don’t have issues with sharing a public bathroom with a transwoman. I don’t see how I should be uncomfortable with someone who just wants to pee and freshen up,” another user said.

“I don’t feel anything at all. Most of the times they’re minding their own business and went inside a stall to pee and leave,” one added. “At the very most I tell them I like their lip color/heels and they tell me they like my hair and we smiled and that’s it.”

Is he cooking up the anti-gender discrimination once again?