Todo sa taga! Joy Belmonte discovers ‘private’ firm collecting fees from vendors


Mayor Joy Belmonte has discovered what appears to be a modus targeting vendors when she made the rounds of various streets in Quezon City Monday.

Belmonte said she stumbled upon a “makeshift market” with about 300 vendors under the Luzon flyover.

The market, she said, has a wet and dry section, as well as a beauty parlor.

“What shocked me even more is that the vendors pay a daily rate of 80-150 pesos a day to a ‘private company’ whose administrator could not show me a contract or an updated business permit. Is something fishy going on?” Belmonte said.

Photos shared by the mayor on her Facebook page showed an acknowledgment receipt from a company called “Luzon Wet and Dry Market.” The person to whom the receipt was issued was charged P80.