Vico Sotto blames MMDA for worsening Pasig traffic

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Vico Sotto turned to Facebook to explain to Pasig residents why traffic has gotten worse.

The millennial mayor’s first act in office was to lift the odd-even coding scheme for cars passing through the city, but it seems that even that could not cure the local traffic volume.

Local traffic officials have one week left to update their numbers and present new recommendations to decongest public roads, but a lot of recent problems are apparently out of his control.

“In recent days, we have had to deal with even more challenges. Most notably, the efforts of the MMDA along EDSA have greatly increased vehicle volume in C5 and even the interior roads of Pasig,” Sotto said in his explanatory post. “We will defer to the wisdom & authority of the MMDA, but this increased traffic on our side is a reality for now.”

He added that they have a lot of internal problems too, as the city hall lacks data on stop lights, terminals, and even daily car volume.

But he’s thinking long-term, as he pointed out that the best solution would be mass transport.

“The bottomline is that traffic in Pasig and Metro Manila will continue to worsen no matter what traffic policies we have, UNLESS we lessen the demand for cars. This means a greater focus on moving people rather than private vehicles. This means incorporating more non-car modes of transportation in our long-term plans,” Soto added.