Maris Racal tries to interview Isko Moreno

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The Kapamilya actress rode on the Isko Moreno hype to promote her new vlog.

Actress Maris Racal went to Manila to attend one of the many speaking arrangements of Mayor Isko, this time at the Bonifacio plaza right in front of City Hall. The 22-year-old star wore casual clothes and used a phone camera to document the experience, as she fangirled with many other supporters in the crowd.

Now that the mayor finally descended from the stage, Racal rushed to her side for her supposed interview. Instead, she had a mental block of sorts as she was starstruck with Moreno’s presence. All she got from the politiko was a promo for her blog.

“Keep on subscribing,” Moreno said.

Watch the full video here:

Better luck next time!