X-deal pala! Tom Villarin says West PH Sea sellout equal to infra spending


China helping fund the country’s infrastructure targets are all for show, after all.

Former Akbayan Party-list Rep. Tom Villarin could not believe how much the Philippines is losing to China’s encroachment of our territory in the West Philippine Sea, which the Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment pegged at a whopping P773 billion in value.

For Villarin, this was an utter waste, as China is giving less than what it stole from the country through its supposed development loans and grants for public infrastructure.

“Envi groups say PRRD’s presidency has resulted in sellout of at least P773-B worth of the Phils sovereign mineral, water, wildlife, and marine resources! It’s equivalent to whole infra budget for 2019! All given to China for what?!,” Villarin said.

What a tactic!