Vico Sotto asks netizens: Sino ba si Cassie?


The millennial mayor may be so busy now to have time for teleseryes and new memes.

Mayor Vico Sotto was among the early birds who declared a suspension of classes in Pasig for Wednesday, July 17 in anticipation of typhoon Falcon’s heavy rains.

What puzzled him, however, was the blanket replies of his loyal supporters. They were quoting lines from the phenomenal TV drama “Kadenang Ginto,” where the characters are perpetually embroiled in a family and money feud.

“Cassie hindi ka muna papasok sa iskol,” the line goes.

Sotto couldn’t take it anymore, so he went to ask Twitter: “Sino po ba si Cassie at puro ganito ang reply niyo sa kin? Ano yun, lahat kayo may kapatid na Cassie ang pangalan.”

“Someone explain this meme to me pls para makatulog na ko,” he said.

Thankfully, one user had mercy and finally let the politiko in on the fun.