Huli ka! Tom Villarin says ‘defeatist’ Duterte exposed by Carpio’s non-war options with China


The President has been exposed about his stubborn tack towards West Philippine Sea.

Former Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin said the Duterte administration had nowhere to hide anymore, with no less than Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio baring that President Rodrigo Duterte had multiple options all along as far as enforcing the arbitral ruling against China.

Duterte had always said he couldn’t risk the friendship he forged with President Xi Jinping, and that the country did not stand a chance at war against Beijing.

But here comes Carpio naming not just one but six choices, all of which the government has never considered as it comes from a critic:

1. Enter into a convention with Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, which have conflicting territorial claims over the South China Sea
2. File an extended continental shelf claim in the West Philippine Sea beyond Manila’s 200-nautical EEZ off the coast of Luzon
3. Patrol the West Philippine Sea with 10 new multi-role response vessels donated by Japan
4. Encourage the Freedom of Navigation and Overflight of naval powers like the US, UK, France, Australia, Japan, India and Canada in Philippine waters
5. Invite Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei to conduct joint freedom of navigation operations in their respective EEZs
6. Support private sector initiatives to enforce the arbitral award

“#FalseOption PDuterte’s defeatist stance in WPS is being exposed by Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio’s 6-point non-war options to implement the UN Arbitral Tribunal decision,” Villarin said.

It’s disappointing but not at all surprising.