No sh*t: Isko Moreno steps on poop at Bonifacio Shrine


Manila Mayor Isko Moreno stepped on accidentally stepped on poop Wednesday while he was inspecting the Andres Bonifacio Shrine in Lawton, Manila.

Moreno joked about the incident in a Facebook live video.

“Oh ayan nakaapak na nga ako e. Sino swerte? Yayaman! Oh ayan tae! Swerte raw yan, magkakapera ako,” he said.

Moreno, however, made it clear that the incident was no laughing matter because it showed disrespect to a hero’s monument. He noted that around 100 mounds of human waste were seen near Bonifacio Shrine.

This led to the relief of the police station commander of the Lawton Police Precinct.

“Saan ka nakakita, monumento ni Bonifacio, tae. Ayan puro tae oh. Bakit naman binaboy ito?” Moreno said.