For easy auditing: Joy Belmonte orders City Treasurer to collect ‘Green Fund’ for plastics use


Mayor Joy Belmonte has urged the Quezon City Council to amend SP 2350 or the Environment Protection and Waste Management Code of Quezon City, so it can be subject to scrutiny by the Commission on Audit (COA).

Belmonte certified the amendment to the ordinance as urgent and instructed Vice Mayor Gian Sotto to ensure that it incorporates all COA’s recommendations.

The 2014 ordinance mandated the collection of a P2 fee from customers for every plastic bag used. The amount will go a so-called “Green Fund.”

COA has recommended that the Green Fund, whose amount is estimated to be at P316 million, be turned over to the City Treasurer’s Office for auditing.

Aside from amending the ordinance, Belmonte said the city council should establish an Environmental Trust Fund for the Green Fund, which can be used for the city’s environmental projects in consultation with stakeholders.