Tom Villarin lashes back at SC justice: ‘Sovereignty is priceless’


Akbayan Rep. Tom Villarin wants Supreme Court Associate Justice Andres Reyes, Jr. to resign from the high court.

Villarin could not fathom how the magistrate could simply dismiss the government’s mandate to protect the islands at West Philippine Sea. Reyes said during the oral arguments for the writ of kalikasan that the government cannot spend on ensuring 24/7 protection at these islands, saying the government has “other priorities” for its expenses.

To Villarin, it was unacceptable.

“Why not? Sovereignty is priceless, intrinsic to being a Filipino and defines who we are as a nation,” he said. lIf an SC justice sees it otherwise and puts it in the lowest order of priorities, he doesn’t deserve that seat and should resign. Nakakahiya ka justice!”