Bitter much? Bistek shelves turnover to Joy Belmonte

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Outgoing Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista apparently hasn’t forgotten his enmity with Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte even if his term has drawn to a close.

Belmonte shared on June 28 that the scheduled turnover between her and Bautista was shelved because the mayor changed his mind.

“Ours was supposed to be today after or before his speech. I was supposed to be cued when to go to the Circle to join him. But he changed his mind and decided for me not to join and for a turn over not to take place,” she said in a Facebook post.

Belmonte said this will mark the first time the outgoing mayor will not turn over the position to his successor.

Despite the aborted turnover, Belmonte said she has no hard feelings towards Bautista.

“I know I was a very unsatisfactory Vice Mayor to HB. And i cannot blame him if he cannot accept that I was the one that won. Perhaps I really was not worthy of his support,” she said.