LOOK: Robert Ortega was once Eddie Garcia’s child

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The late Eddie Garcia was the first father he’d shared a scene with as a child actor.

Manila Councilor Robert Ortega, Jr. dug up old photos on set with the veteran actor, who passed away on June 20 after suffering a neck injury while taping.

Ortega was then a debuting Regal baby when he first got to work with Manoy, who later on becam his mentor.

The film was called “Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa” which was released in 1987.

“My first movie ever, and our first scene was with the legendary actor/director Mr.Eddie Garcia. (ka pressure diba?) It’s an honor to have worked and be coached by one of the best actors Philippine cinema will ever produce,” Ortega said. “Thanks for the opportunity sir Manoy. God bless you. Rest In Peace.”

Garcia has been cremated on Friday morning.