Joy Belmonte preparing a book to summarize QC Council milestones

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She’s dedicating what’s left of her funds and time for this legacy.

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte us counting down to the last days in her office before she moves up as mayor. She has chosen her last project, which happens to be something for the Councilors in the City Council.

“I believe I owe it to my colleagues in the 18th, 19th and 20th City Councils to immortalize their work in a book. My office has only a small budget but i wanted to do this for my konsis,” Belmonte said.

She’s coming from the fact that their coumcil won the Local Legislative Award for Most Outstanding Sanggunian Panglunsod for three straight times.

Belmonte even took it as a personal task to check the manuscript before being sent to the printing press.