Here’s how Pia Cayetano celebrates Independence Day

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She is proud of her work in freeing people out of poverty and ill treatment.

Returning Senator Pia Cayetano takes it as a family legacy to celebrate and strengthen freedoms, which she commemorated on Independence Day.

She recounts that her grandmother Juliana Luna Cayetano, a public school teacher, helped release the young ones from illiteracy. Her dad Rene “Compańero” Cayetano freed people from the shackles of not knowing the law through free legal advice. Now, it’s her turn.

“I am grateful that my job has given me the opportunity to fight for different kinds of freedom – freedom from poverty, from sickness, discrimination and more,” Cayetano said.

Here she is pictured with protesters at the Supreme Court to lobby for the removal of a halt order on the Reproductive Health Law.

The legacy lives on.