Alfred Vargas proud of newborn son’s first plane ride


The little boy is a natural-born wanderer.

Actor turned Quezon City Congressman Alfred Vargas took the Congress adjournment as the time for a much-needed family getaway.

The politiko took his wife, two daughters, and their newborn baby boy to a plane ride. Vargas held on tightly to the infant, exuding both nervousness and excitement as the plane taxied on the runway. The last thing he wants is his son to be the cause of commotion while their flight departs.

“On your first plane ride, anak, you were kinda nervous and uncertain in the beginning. But when the plane ran, took off, and landed, you were all good! All your fears went away and you enjoyed every bit of the ride,” said the proud father.

Vargas knows there’s bound to be more travels with his dear family.

“You are a natural traveler, son! I’m excited to show you the world and discover new adventures with you.”

Bon voyage!