Talo pero paborito! Jel Estrada gets comforted by lolo Erap

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They are kindred souls.

Vice Mayor Janella Estrada may have lost in her attempt to be mayor of San Juan and to further their family’s rule in the city, but her grandparents make sure she still feels like a winner.

The millennial politiko ran to Lolo Joseph Estrada and Lola Loi Ejercito for some much-needed TLCs, with Erap also leaning in for support after his failed reelection bid in Manila.

“Nananatili at mananatiling matatag ang aming Pamilya. Much love for these two! Salamat sa pagmamahal sakin,” Janella said.

Her claim to fame: “Ako talaga favorite na apo.(Sorry sa iba).”

Is this her way of dismissing the Estrada infighting that supposedly led to their downfall?