Pati pagkain pinatulan! Vic Sotto reveals ‘biko ban’ during Vico’s campaign


Believe it or not, sales of the local delicacy “biko” were banned in Pasig’s public markets at the height of the campaign period for the mayoralty race.

Actor Vic Sotto revealed the ban on “biko” following the proclamation of his son, Vico, as Pasig City’s new mayor.

The 29-year-old Vico won by a huge margin against incumbent Mayor Bobby Eusebio.

“Alam mo pinagbawal ang pagbenta ng biko? Ganoon ka-petty. Akala ko joke lang eh, hindi, totoo pala,” Vic said.

With Vico’s victory, the elder Sotto said Pasig residents can now eat and sell “biko.”

Vico ended the Eusebio’s nearly three decade grip on Pasig City with his message of a new form of leadership that is free of corruption and responsive to people’s needs.