Second time’s the charm? #Diokno2022 trends as netizens can’t get enough of Chel

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Otso Diretso senatorial candidate Chel Diokno may have lost the senatorial race, but he has earned netizens’ admiration for being the “woke lolo.”

A day after the elections, talk about a possible 2022 campaign for Diokno is already starting to gain ground on Twitter.

The hashtag #Diokno2022 trended on Twitter Philippines Tuesday, with several netizens urging him to run again.

Diokno appears to be open to the idea, telling his supporters at a gathering at “this fight will not end until we win.”

“Isipin natin kung everyday, may ma-woke tayong isa, at the end of one year, ilan na yung mawwoke natin; at the end of 2 years, doble pa,” he said.

“And at the end of three years, wala nang makakapigil sa ating ginagawa. I will promise you that I will never give up. This fight will not end until we win,” Diokno added.