Out with the old: Isko defeats Erap in battle for Manila

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Former vice mayor Isko Moreno has defeated Mayor Joseph Estrada for Manila’s top post, based on partial and official results from the city board of canvassers.

As of 5:24 a.m. Tuesday, Moreno was leading 348,425 votes over Estrada, who got 204,084.

Honey Lacuna, Moreno’s running mate, is set to win another term as vice mayor. She got 382,705 votes compared to 260,489 for former Congressman Amado Bagatsing.

Moreno served as vice mayor under Estrada. He was supposed to run for mayor in 2016 but Estrada didn’t honor his word to lead for only one term.

The former vice mayor’s candidacy received a huge boost with the endorsement from Iglesia Ni Cristo.