Foul ‘yan! Netizens slam TV spoof of Binay fight

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Were the charcoal faces excessive?

Just a week after siblings Abby and Junjun Binay got into a very public argument during a debate in Makati, comedy show Banana Sundae came out with a segment that spoofed their now-iconic squabble for some laughs.

Screenshots showed three actors with blackened faces mimicking the fight — the third man supposedly their father, Vice President Jejomar Binay — which screened on ABS-CBN one Sunday afternoon.

“Dear ABS-CBN, how could you allow such insensitivity to happen? NOT FUNNY AT ALL,” one Facebook user said, with his post going viral.

Many called out the gag for hitting below the belt, saying the joke was purely racist.

Some were not offended, telling fellow netizens to “take a joke.”

Which side are you on?